Stefan Faridani

Economics PhD Candidate

UC San Diego



I love teaching and enjoy providing tutoring as a volunteer. I  worked as a supplemental instruction leader during my undergraduate studies and as a TA during my PhD from Fall 2018 through Spring 2021. From Fall 2021 to the Summer 2023, my PhD was funded through by the Payment and Governance Research Program, and I returned to my TA role in Fall 2023. 

UC San Diego

TA: Spring 2021, Winter 2021, Spring 2020; 

Reader: Fall 2018

TA: Winter 2020

TA: Fall 2020 

Reader: Winter 2019

TA: Fall 2019

Macalester College

Preceptor: Spring 2016

Supplemental Instruction Leader: Fall 2016

Preceptor: Spring 2017

Preceptor: Spring 2015